National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS)

How do I access this service?
You will need to be referred by a health professional such as a GP, Practice Nurse or Physiotherapist.
Am I eligible for NERS?
The scheme is aimed at those 16 years and older, who are at risk or have a chronic condition.
What will it cost?
The scheme currently costs £2.50 per session.
How long does the scheme last?
The scheme lasts between 4-32 weeks dependant on the referral reason. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour. You are required to attend sessions and attend follow-up consultations at 16 and 52 weeks.
What are the physical benefits?
There are many physical benefits to the scheme. These include;

      • Heart and lungs become fitter and more efficient
      • Joints become stronger
      • Body fat and excess weight may be reduced
      • Feeling more alert and energetic
      • Helping to normalise blood pressure
      • Reduce the risk of developing diabetes.
      • What are the psychological benefits?
      • You may become less stressed and anxious
      • You may have more self-esteem and confidence
      • You may become happier
      • You may meet like-minded people
      • You may make new friends which may make you more sociable.
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