Digital Services for Patients and the Public Programme

The DSPP recognises that about 7% of the population in Wales are digitally excluded, therefore its Patient’s and Public Assurance Group wanted to use existing organisations such as Llais Cymru, NHS Wales, Digital Communities Wales and other third sector organisations to capture information; with the aim of informing people on how they can get help in their communities to obtain and use digital devices, including accessing the NHS Wales App.  

With this in mind a survey has been developed to support the programme to: 
– Understand the needs of patients and the public to become digitally included;  
– Inform support programmes and schemes to aid their access to digital health services, where possible;  
– Get the information to individuals that is required to access the support needed.  

Below you can find a paper version of the survey in either Welsh or English to be printed off and returned to the surgery who will then post to Primary Care Services.  Alternatively, there are posters with a QR code to submit the survey electronically.  If you would prefer, you could ask at your GP reception for a paper copy of this survey to complete.